• Paddlewise – like an online
  • Seattle Mountaineers Sea Kayak Club
  • AWA affiliated canoe club

  • Britain.
  • “Bruces Paddling Page.”

    Resources for the Delaware and Chesapeake areas.
    Includes a list of trips
    currently running!

  • Desert Canoe Club,

  • California Kayak Friends.
  • UO Outdoor Program
  • Central NY Kayak Club
  • Coastal Canoists Paddling Club, Mid-Atlantic states
  • Dallas DownRiver Club.
    It specializes in weather and streamflow links.

  • Capital City Aquatics,

  • Florida Sea
    Kayaking Association

  • Gold Country Paddlers Club of UC Davis
  • Greater Baltimore Canoe Club!
  • Hackensack River Canoe &
    Kayak Club
    Canoe Club.
  • Skunk River Paddlers, Iowa
  • Illinois Paddling Council (IPC)
  • KNIK CANOERS & KAYAKERS – Representing all
    paddle sports in
    South Central Alaska.
    HOTLINE for upcoming Events & Trips(907)272-9351
    Snail Mail-PO Box 242861
    Anchorage,Alaska 99524-2861
    Meetings 4th Thursday of the month at
    Spenard Rec. Center/
    Summers BBQ
    at Jewel Lake with Boats
  • Lower Columbia Canoe Club (LCCC)
  • Mid-Atlantic Paddlers Association

  • Missouri Whitewater Association
  • New York-North Jersey Chapter
    of the Appalachian Mountain Club

  • Paddle Trails in Seattle

    Two pages,

    one for the graphically challenged at

  • Boston Chapter(for graphically challenged)
    at: Boston Chapterfor the “full” verion.

  • Northeast
    Paddler’s Message Board

  • NSWSKC of Australia

  • OA Guide, from Princeton.
  • Keel Haulers
    Canoe Club Northern Ohio

  • “Oregon Club”
  • Rec Boat Paddler’s Homepage

  • Rocky
    Mountain Sea Kayak Club

  • Seattle Sea Kayak
  • Univ. of Oregon Club
  • Sea Kayak Association of B.C.

    Contact is President Graeme O’Neill

    at (604) 879-7517.

    Snail mail to
    SKBAC Box 751, Postal Station A, Vancouver, B.C. V6C 2N6

  • Three Rivers Paddling Club

    Pittsburgh, PA.

  • University of Alberta
  • University of North Carolina at Ashville, club.
  • University of Oregon Outdoor
  • University of Washington
  • Washington Kayak Club.
  • Wooden Canoe Heritage Association.
  • Bergen University Kayak Club
  • The Norwegian Kayak Pages
  • The Norwegian
    Canoe Association
    , great set of links!
  • The Swedish Canoe Page.
  • A ski club which does other activities near St. Paul –
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina:
    Mr.Fernando L—pez Arbarello,
    Luis S‡enz Pe–a 1544,
    (1640) MartinezÊ,