Movie Clips

Click on the link in the index to see the video clip. Most of these were taken during the American Canoe Association instructor development workshop or exams.

  • Draw Stroke – Go sideways to get that candy bar from your kayak partner
  • Entering Kayak – Use your paddle as an outrigger
  • Forward Stroke – So many elements – use the larger muscles of your torso to start
  • Low Brace – Your kayak is turning over? Start with this initial righting stroke.
  • Low Brace Turn Underway – Pivot quickly and/or use this to stabilize while you look behind
  • High Brace– The low brace didn’t work, you need to spear a small wave
  • Stern Draw – Finish the forward sweep with this powerful placement.
  • Sweep Stroke or Pinwheel – Turn in a complete circle – use the edge like spinning a dime.
  • Wet Exit – Tuck, pull, push. Push the kayak off like a pair of pants. Add in – the bang-bang, wave-wave if you want a bow rescue!
  • Pool or Lake Slalom – set up gates to practice and train.