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Coastal Kayak Instructor Update – Sunday, October 29, 2006


As the best current is in the morning we might break up the flat water portion into two sessions.

However, if people can arrive at a “reasonable” time the night before, we can take care of our introductory land session then, leaving us with more on-water time Sunday.

I realize the schedule timing is not perfect – we’ll use it as a guideline and I’ll adjust it after I have your feedback.

Please bring the Coastal Kayak Topic Outline book, ACA instructors manual and CD.
Print any sheets regarding assessments, curricula, registration/reporting, etc from ACA website.

My expectation is that we have a fun day with interesting and challenging discussion, that we leave with new information and food for thought.

Let’s think about it from the standpoint of learning and leadership styles – we approach each person with this in mind and draw from our bag of tricks to make learning safe and fun for everyone. (hey, that rhymes)


Proposed agenda:

Arrive Saturday night for campfire. Bring graham crackers and marshmellows.

Slack before ebb at 9:05
Max 11:51

7:00 am Potluck breakfast (I’ll bring hard boiled eggs, some coffee, and bananas – as usual)

7:30 Intro
Round robin, state name, what your interest is, any issues you’d like to discuss

Hand out feedback cards, review positive feedback process.
Will have a round robin after each presentation.
Discuss nuances and then apply to teaching beginners.

7:45 am
Steve Exe (IT presentation) on ACA – structure, programs, overview

Andree Hurley (IT presentation)
Coastal Kayaking
Coastal kayak committee makes recommendations to SEIC.
SEIC brings passed motions to board where they are voted on.
Basic kayak instructors with BCU level three coach can give assessments.
Level one vs level two (Having a card for rentals)
Latest developments are posted to the website
Team Teaching

Dry land

Low brace, high brace – Andree

9:00 On water

Low brace – Andree

T-rescue theories – Steve Exe and Mike Kennedy
Practice each, switch pairs – time and efficiency

Snack – on water? Bathroom break?

Go to current and practice eddy turns, ferries and t-rescues. One scenario.

1:00 – 1:30 pm Eat lunch, find calmer water.

2:00 Forward stroke – ?
How the paddlers box is applied to forward stroke, other concepts
How to apply to beginners

2:30 Forward sweep – ?
Paddlers box and other concepts
Include forward sweep underway, maintain glide until stop
(show how can keep a low brace ready in case of capsize)

3:30 Video tape pinwheel, sculling draw, low brace (maybe two at a time)

6:00 Wrap up with round-table discussion over dinner at a local restaurant

Remember in the beginning we are teaching beginners…

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