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KIX Newsletter April, 2003

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Newsletter, April 2003

Just Some Quick News

  • I just returned from a refreshing trip to the Coastal Outdoor Center (http://www.coastalkayaks.com/) in St. Augustine, Florida. Brad and Kim have done such a wonderful job establishing a kayak company on a beautiful piece of property that has been a marina and fish camp for some fifty years. You have heard of coffee punch cards? Down there you can get a kayak punch card and a bait-fish punch card! And the bait is caught right near the marina each evening!
    Here is a little Quicktime movie I took of the property and local waters: http://www.kayakinstructionexcellence.com/Movies/CoastalOutdoorCenter/CoastalOutdoorCenter.mov

    We had a small but fun instructors course. Everyone had had some exposure to the material so we just jammed and spent time focusing on specific areas that needed improvement.

  • I am excited for the next instructors workshop here in Port Townsend!
    I’ve created a downloadable, printable PDF flyer: http://www.kayakinstructionexcellence.com/KIX/PDF/InstructorDevelopment.pdf. Please post on a bulletin board near you – clubs, kayak stores – you know best! We have a couple of places open! (Web page – http://www.kayakinstructionexcellence.com/KIX/InstructorDevelopment.html)

  • Last but not least – this weekend is the Port Angeles Sea Kayak Symposium – (http://www.raftandkayak.com/specialevents.html ) (I’ll be giving these clinics: how to demo a kayak, women and kayaking, forward stroke, figuring tides/currents, travel slide show (Baja, Bolivia, Chile, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Vancouver Island.)

    If anyone would like to spend an hour here-and-there watching my booth while I’m teaching, please let me know! I have a hotel room with space on the floor for any helpers! (Too bad it’s not a penthouse suite, but that will be next year.)

    The Kajak Sport demos will be available on the beach – and they are for sale to make room for new boats. I’m getting a couple in from Current Designs.

  • There is room in the ICE for folks that want to join us for updates – work towards your next certification level or get credit to maintain the one you have. Join us in Deception Pass for rescue scenarioius! Quite a few people have taken advantage of this in the past.

    Ongoing Tuesday and Thursday evening skills clinics – drop in!

    Upcoming Dates

    April 19 – Introduction to sea kayaking – a good class for beginners and those that want to review

    April 26, 27 – Whitewater for Sea Kayakers, Mountaineers Club (for club members)

    April 29 – Begin Tuesday evening classroom series

    May 1 – Begin Thursday evening onwater series

    May 2 – 4 American Canoe Association Instructor Development Workshop (3 days) – http://www.kayakinstructionexcellence.com/KIX/InstructorDevelopment.html, http://www.kayakinstructionexcellence.com/KIX/PDF/InstructorDevelopment.pdf

    May 9-11 Whitewater instructor development workshop with Marty G.

    May 16 – 18 American Canoe Association Instructor Certification Exam

    May 24 – Strokes and rescues update, Bowman Bay

    May 25 – After completing strokes and rescues, apply these techniques to Deception Pass

    May 31, June 1 – Introduction to Kayak certification course – great for shops and camps!

    June 7 – Olympic Outdoor Center, Poulsbo – onwater staff training

    June 8 – Sounds Bikes and Kayaks, Port Angeles – women’s afternoon onwater clinic and dinner (Freshwater Bay)

    June 14 – Schooner Adventurous is sponsoring a kayak race

    Aquasports Paddle Center, Redmond – I’ll be teaching some whitewater courses for them this summer – let us know if you are interested!

    *deposits needed to hold spaces in above courses

    Reading Material

    I thought I’d mention my two favorite books of late – great for bedtime/traveltime/leisuretime!

  • The Island of Lost Maps by Miles Harvey – Island of Lost Maps
  • In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson – In a Sunburnt Country
    (I actually have enough frequent flyer miles to go to Australia – anyone want to plan a trip or have a course down under?)

  • My own article in City Sports NW – Whitewater

    Paddling Tips

    Pool Slalom – Former coach Bill Endicott has been giving me some online coaching on coming up the an “American Gate” system, vs the British Gate. Our pool is so small we can’t fit the regular system.
    Check out these pool slalom patterns: Movies

    Comments? Write and I’ll choose some to print next time!


    Movie clips of paddling! Movies
    You will need the Quicktime player from the Apple: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/.

    The On-line Store!

    Click Here

    Check it out! (For one thing, I need the click-throughs!)

    My article on whitewater kayaking – City Sports NW – Whitewater Kayaking

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    *Note: If you are flying in and need kayak rental, we can
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    Lodging: As many are on a budget, recommended lodging is
    the hostel, ((360) 385-0655),
    which is adjacent to the building we like to use. The hostel
    is $17.00 per night, add on $8.00 if you get a private room
    (reserved for couples except during a slow season.
    We have also recently recommended the Quimper
    Inn Bed and Breakfast
    . The phone number is 800-557-1060.

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