Kayak Instruction Excellence – Kayak Whitewater – Sea/Coastal Kayak Instructor and Staff Training

Images from Spring 2003

Sue wins the award
for the best flip chart –
too bad it didn’t translate better from the video camera!
Kayak Instruction Excellence


Beginning Whitewater

Taking the ferry to the whitewater
on a dramatic evening.



Bucky and James helped with the
whitewater class!
(the weather did improve!)
James walks sleepily by while Bucky makes sure the boats are in a straight


Learning River Hydrology




Andree demonstrates mooning the
current –
on a lesser scale.

Instructor Development

Sybille can’t believe her kayak
got taken away during this
table top scenario at the coastal kayaking instructor workshop.
She got too close to an orca swimming
in this shipping lane.


Brian” uses a paddle float to roll his
hand made baidarka.


Instructor Certification


Practicing for the video on a misty day off Washington
Park near Anacortes, WA.

Swiftwater Rescue

Dave Krause shows us more knots
during this three day course through Rescue 3 International


practiced swimming and catching eddies with just our bodies and then
with boogie boards and fins.
Don’t try
this on your own!