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Images from Spring 2004

March 2004 Beginning Whitewater Class

Skykomish River

Kayak Instruction Excellence



Beginning Whitewater

Getting ready to try some peel-outs!



Let’s coach you on some forward paddling in current….

Keep that head down!
(He later had some great river rolls!)



Andree likes the Liquid Logic Skip





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Deposits are required for each course. If an attendee cancels
within two weeks prior to the course, we will refund all but
$50.00 kept for processing. After two weeks no refund will occur
due to scheduling of instructors, rooms and other costs associated
with logistics.
A signed liability waiver is required before each class begins.

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to Port Townsend

The green area to the northeast is the area Fort Worden is in.
You can use your mouse to make the map larger.
Once you get to Port
, you will see signs to Fort Worden.

to Oak Bay Park

*Note: If you are flying in and need kayak rental, we can
arrange that for you in Port Townsend. Please let us know in
advance. You can also check Kayak
Port Townsend

Lodging: As many are on a budget, recommended lodging is
the hostel, ((360) 385-0655),
which is adjacent to the building we like to use. The hostel
is $17.00 per night, add on $8.00 if you get a private room
(reserved for couples except during a slow season.
We have also recently recommended the Quimper
Inn Bed and Breakfast
. The phone number is 800-557-1060.

the to guestbook!

Kayak Instruction Excellence (KIX)

Location: 211 Taylor Street, Port Townsend, WA,
Phone: (360) 379-4182